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Justice System: An Initially Blindfolded Process

Justice is characterized by a sensible conduct and treatment. This concept is popular in the arena of law wherein justice must be offered to all human beings. In fact, the Greek statue of a blindfolded woman may have been a good symbol of justice. Yes, you are reading it right. Blindfolded. Your primary response might be to formulate a question why is she blindfolded. You may ask, “why does it represent justice while she cannot see what is going on around her?” Well, you may be entitled to do that but the typical meaning of the blindfolded lady is that she, being shut out on the offer that numerous individuals may give her. With that, money, fame, even death could never be seen or felt and simply justice will prevail. This would mean that no matter who you are, no matter where you are from, and no matter what’s your status in the society, you will always get justice.

But unfortunately, plenty of folks ignore the prevalent meaning of the blindfolded woman and pay attention to on another meaning which is not being capable of seeing or feeling what is occurring in the surroundings. Some of which might be intentional while others are non-intentional. Basically, the intentional concept is a selfish idea of people who are involved. People with this concept knew about morality or the law of the land. On the other hand, non-intentional is simply being unaware of the situation that causes injustice.

Mainly, the overall process of the justice is at first blindfolded (meditate on this for a brief moment…). Now, let us expound this concept. People are just people. They cannot be in one location at the same period which makes them blindfolded in numerous circumstances. Like for instance, a criminal defense lawyer when hired by a client is not really aware of what is occurring or about to occur. Everything that needs to be done is simply to accumulate info from the client and get hold of papers that would establish the client’s plea of not guilty. That act is being blindfolded. In the same manner, having a witness can be an example of justice procedures being blindfolded also for no person genuinely knows if what the witness is declaring is true or simply made up.

Even though the justice procedure is simply blindfolded, it does not imply that you by no means you can obtain justice. You can always walk, shout, or reach things even when you are blindfolded right? It’s just that this article is trying to communicate a new concept of the blindfolded woman. Blindfolded not to see bribery, blindfolded to determine right and wrong, or blindfolded in the justice processes – all could be right. It is only an issue of how you see it.