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Why is Shale Oil So Important to Investors?

The American shale oil boom has played a significant role in the country’s economic recovery and a global reduction in oil prices. With fracking technology, shale oil producers have helped the US’ daily oil production increase from five to nine million barrels. However, as crude oil prices remain low, it could be harmful to producers and investors. Below is more info on the topic of shale oil and related investments.

A Decline in Oil Prices

A worldwide decline in crude oil prices is due to a variety of factors, not the least of which is a decreased demand and a sluggish global economy. OPEC’s production decisions put additional downward pressure on the price of oil, and many of the industry’s analysts viewed these decisions as OPEC’s way of harming the profitability of domestic shale oil producers. Finally, an increase in shale oil production helped to drive prices lower by increasing the worldwide supply.

Shale Oil is Costly to Produce

While conventional oil wells can be in operation for years, shale wells have a much shorter lifespan. The average shale well loses more than 70% of its output within two years; to increase or maintain output, a shale producer has to continually locate and start new wells. A conventional well will keep producing oil even after the price drops because prices seldom drop below the extraction cost. Because these wells last longer, they’re more likely to withstand the market’s volatility.

Improved Fracking Tech

Despite the above-mentioned challenges, shale producers have plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Fracking is the way shale producers extract oil, and it is a relatively new technology that will only become more cost-efficient over time. When the price of technology goes down, the per-barrel extraction price will drop and producers will find it easier to stay profitable. …

Strategic Use of On-Demand Invoice Factoring Can Make Business Easier

From the trucking industry to the field of wholesaling, factoring has become a key tool for many businesses across the country. Being able to factor invoices, accounts receivable, or freight bills means gaining access immediately to cash that might otherwise take months to materialize. Having that kind of power, in many cases, allows a business to operate in more predictable and secure fashion, with what would otherwise be persistent struggles with cash flow never getting a chance to arise. As an in-depth article sourced here shows, a specific form of factoring can also be used in much more reactive and targeted fashion.

Many are already familiar with factoring services which require something of a commitment from the one providing the invoices or other financial instruments that entitle the owner to a future payment. Quite a few factors prefer to lock their clients in to a number of transactions before bothering to take them on, as this can cut down on the repeated, potentially redundant work that they might have to do. Many will also insist on only working with those who commit to presenting a certain volume of invoices over some predefined term in the future, in order to make sure that they effort put into setting up a relationship will be amply repaid.

On the other hand, there are also factoring services that are willing to work with businesses in much more flexible fashion. While they will typically charge a bit more for the assistance they provide, their clients often find this premium to be worth the cost. By making factoring into something more accessible and responsive, compared to the relatively rigid arrangements that others prefer, they open up new uses for an already powerful tool.

In the end, this take on factoring often turns out to make a …

Why Many Investors are Focusing on the Asian Energy Market

From a financial standpoint, most investors understand that China is a major player in global economics. Not only is China a major political and military superpower, the country also heavily influences the financial markets. This influence is no more evident than in the energy sector, especially the demand for crude oil. For this reason, many investors are turning a great deal of their capital towards investing in the Asian energy market. There are a few important reasons for this shift in investment capital into Asian energy.

The first thing that needs to be understood is that China currently represents a significant demand for crude oil products This isn’t surprising given China’s population and its industrial advancements. In the past, many remote areas of China could have been considered on the level of third world countries. However, China continues to move forward in developing remote areas. Today, this has brought about a huge demand for crude oil products.

On top of the present outlook for China, many experts believe that this sort of increased demand is going to last for at least the next 20 years. This can make these types of investments into Asian energy extremely successful long-term investments. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Many experts also believe that this demand will wane towards the end of the 20 year cycle. However, what will keep this type of investment successful beyond that is predictions that India will also become a significant demand factor in crude oil products. In fact, there are many experts that have been led to believe, due to current and predictive forecasts, that India will actually outpace China when it comes to crude oil demand over the next 20 years. This can mean that this sort of investment may have legs even beyond the 20 year mark.…

Best Practices when Applying for a Loan at BlueTrustLoans.com

When a person needs a bit of financial assistance, they may turn to a personal loan provider to get the funds they need. However, before they dive in and accept the first offer given, they should consider the information here. After all, there is no need to make the person’s financial situation worse by accepting an unfair loan. More information is available here.

Review the Interest Rate Carefully

Before accepting any loan offer, it is a good idea for the borrower to review the interest rate carefully. It may be a good idea to get quotes or at least look at the current rate offered by the loan company before accepting an offer. There are some companies that charge extremely high-interest rates. The more the interest rate is, the higher the repayment is going to be. Make sure to keep this in mind.

Review the Terms of the Loan

It is also important for a person to read all the fine print of the loan before signing the paperwork. In most cases, lenders are going to be straightforward when outlining the terms of the loan. However, in some cases, there is going to be “fine print” that the borrower needs to be aware of. Make sure to read any loan application carefully to ensure a person isn’t getting taken advantage of.

Find Out about the Lenders Reputation

Before accepting a loan, it is also a good idea for a borrower to learn about the lender’s reputation. Doing this can give them an opportunity to see whether or not other customers have had success or a good experience with the lender in the past. If there are too many negative reviews, it may be best to move on and find a different lender.

Taking the time to use the tips and …