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5 Benefits of Whole-House Repiping in Atlanta

Whole-house repiping atlanta involves the installation of new water lines to replace old, worn-out ones. Similarly to how a family relies on an HVAC system for cooling and heating, they need a functional plumbing setup to do everyday activities such as bathing and cooking. Expert plumbing technicians can handle everything from leaks and drips to appliance installation and water heater repair. Below are several benefits of whole-house repiping.

A Water Supply That’s Free of Rust

A failing, old plumbing system can carry rust through the pipes and throughout the home. No one wants the family to drink rusty water, and it can cause problems when it’s time to bathe or do laundry. With whole-house repiping, homeowners can eliminate rusty, brown water, and the water will taste better as well.

Better Water Pressure

A worn-out plumbing system usually gives off diminished water pressure because of pipe corrosion. Replacing the home’s old, worn piping with new PEX or copper piping can provide higher water pressure, which makes it easier when using the shower, the sink, the dishwasher or the washing machine.

Safer Plumbing

New piping choices, such as PEX, offer several health benefits to homeowners. These modern plumbing pipes are corrosion- and rust-resistant, and they’re designed to inhibit bacterial growth. All of these factors make modern pipes easier to use.

Prevention of Plumbing Leaks

Old piping is more likely to leak, which can lead to mold growth and water damage. Full repiping can provide the family with new plumbing that’s leak proof and more resistant to damage from freezing, which can prevent the need for costly repairs during the wintertime.

Increased Home Value

Repiping the whole house can increase the home’s appeal and its value. Because the piping system is brand new, it will add to the homeowner’s peace of mind and …

The Super Maker Door Stop Will Make Keeping Doors Open Easier

When there is a door that closes on its own all the time, it can be irritating and inconvenient. No one wants the door to slide closed as they are bringing in groceries. It becomes a matter of will versus stubborn door when the wind keeps causing it to close. There are many types of door stops that don’t work very well but there is one kind that always works perfectly. This door stop, the SuperiorMaker, will work on all kinds of floors and all kinds of doors. They are made in a nice neutral black and can be ordered in three-packs. These door stops work both at the office and at home.

When a person wants a door closed, they close it and when they want the same door open, they leave it open. The problem is that many doors work their way closed over time, or right away. No one wants to have to keep opening the door. The solution to the problem is to purchase a good door stop and have it wedge the door open. There are many door stops on the market at many different prices. It is doubly frustrating to purchase a nice looking door stop and then witness it slide across the floor as the door slides shut again. Slippery floor surfaces are the undoing of many less expensive door stops. They just can’t get a good purchase to stay in one spot keeping the heavy door open.

SuperiorMaker door stops are made of a rubber material and with a bottom design that grabs hold of any floor and stays put until the home or office owner removes them. This strong rubber does not break down or collapse over time. The size of 1.9 inches tall down to almost nothing by 6.5 …