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Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault, Child Abuse or Domestic Violence: Here is what to do

Forensic psychiatrists are often requested to evaluate various allegations that individuals make against other people, particularly persons in authority, health care experts, and parents in custody battles. Allegations based on child abuse, sexual misconduct, and physical violence carry a particularly charged quality. In fact, the sensational nature associated with such allegations is unsettling, touching emotional issues in the examiner and the accused.

The concepts of ‘there is a grain of truth in every allegation’ and ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’ are often used to justify official investigations. This places the accused in an unfortunate or impossible position of disapproving a negative. With the help of a trained, experienced Denver criminal defense attorney, you can successfully fight false allegations of sexual misconduct, child abuse, and even physical violence.

Understand the level of trouble you are in

It is essential to learn the consequences of underestimating the legal ramifications for your life if you make incorrect choices. Most people go into a certain level of denial and probably find themselves in deep legal troubles.

For instance, child sexual abuse allegations might arise during your divorce case. These allegations may mean little because deep in your heart, you know you didn’t commit such a crime. Your lawyer might tell you, ‘they have no case.’ So, you just bumble along or do nothing. Later, you realize that a juvenile court action has been filed against you or criminal charges filed or in worst circumstances, find yourself in the three-ring circus at the same time.

If only you had appropriately responded to the allegations in time, the eventual could would be a minor fraction of the resources it would cost if issues get out of hand.

Seek legal help

There are many good lawyers in the United States. Some of them can perfectly handle issues related to speeding tickets and drugs related cases. Others are good at representing ladies in heated custody cases. Keep in mind that hiring the wrong attorney might send your chances of freedom down the toilet. Thus, it’s wise to work with an experienced attorney who has been handling cases similar to what you are facing.

Build a war chest

You probably don’t want to hear that false allegations of sexual assault, child abuse, and physical violence might result in an expensive case. Whether you committed the crimes or not, there is a high probability that you will face criminal charges. And according to the Colorado State law, you may end up being convicted unless you take the right steps to keep the issue under control.

Some of the steps you may want to take include getting a specialized psychological testing, perfectly designed polygraph or similar testing. You should also line up other pieces of evidence and expert witness (when possible) to help distance yourself from the alleged crimes. Of course, these steps will require financial resources.

Do a timeline

Criminal defense attorneys recommend that a falsely accused individual should do a comprehensive timeline in writing. Begin from day 1 and go through to the present day. Write every detail you can remember. This will be a significant aid to your defense.

If you are facing false allegations of any crime, consider hiring an experienced lawyer to offer you legal counsel, prepare for the case, and assemble, analyze, and perfect the evidence that can exonerate you.