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Situations that Warrant you to call a Car Accident Attorney

Every time you use the road or are behind the wheel, it is your mandate to be safe at all times by acting in line with the law and driving responsibly. Unfortunately, no matter how well we might act there are situations that can quickly get out of hand and result in car collisions. Even the best of drivers have bad days when they get to have a minor fender bender or get involved in an accident because of one reason or the other. The causes of car accidents are very diverse and can range from drunk driving to mechanical complications that cause a driver to lose control of the car.

Regardless of the factors that might lead to a car accident, the fundamental question for any road user is – How do I know if I should contact a car accident attorney?  Primarily, you must always seek professional legal help whenever you are caught up in an incident while using the road. This is because of the complications that come with dealing with insurance companies’ or paying for damages that might have been caused by another road user. However, there are minor situations which can be resolved between two drivers such as a slight scratch which does not put anyone at risk of injury. Nonetheless, there are a number of circumstances where you must involve a car accident attorney and these include;

  1. When the accident has resulted in personal injuries. Situations that lead to head-on collisions are the most severe given the serious impacts which have been known to cause permanent disability and in the worst cases death. The devastating consequences of car accidents when the people involved have either physical injuries or have been subjected to a trauma that requires medical checkup must always be backed with legal services. Even if the injuries are not evident on the spot through bleeding from cuts among other signs, it is essential to have an attorney as there are possibilities of internal injuries which only a doctor can evaluate.
  2. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident. It is scary enough to be involved in an accident, but this becomes worse when the other party who is most probably at-fault decides to flee the scene. In the event that you have become a victim of hit and run, the best solution is to attempt and capture as many details as possible before calling up a car accident attorney.
  3. Your car has become totaled, or an accident has resulted in property damage. In many cases where a vehicle is involved in an accident to a point where it has become totaled, there are very high possibilities of personal injuries. A rule of the thumb is to never handle such cases without the assistance of an expert car accident attorney as chances are the insurance company will always look for ways not to give you the full compensation. A lawyer, on the other hand, will conduct due-diligence and build a foolproof case that will ensure all the issues at hand are resolved without any further complications.